Nestled in the heart of the vineyards, private and secluded Villa Walbaum has a unique, intimate atmosphere enhanced by century-old cedar trees, the woods, olive groves and running springs.

In this beautiful setting, a wide choice of indoor and outdoor spaces such as the vast gardens, the heated pool, the vaulted wine cellar, the cosy library, all beckon to you for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

A relaxing stay enables you to revel in this universe devoted to the art of living
that encompasses the world of wine, contemplation and unspoiled nature…

Architecture & Gardens

In the 17th century, this country house took on therefined style of the Palladian villa architecture.

The manor house was born, in harmony with the beautiful countryside and the setting. It stood in a most beneficial location, with superb views over the estate, the limestone cliffs and the village of Vallon Pont d’Arc. The home enjoyed the many resources that came from its surroundings – the garden products, the woods, the river and the springs.

Then and now, La Villa Walbaum has carefully kept the quintessence of that period and its tradition of hospitality, the true sense of a warm welcome.

The column-lined loggia is embellished with a series of frescoes filled with trompe-l’œil architectonic decors where doors, pilasters and cornices leap out in a play of illusion and perspective created for the sheer pleasure of the eye.

As you enter the Villa you come upon the historical monumental staircase, impressive in elegance, worthy of welcoming illustrious guests. Today, a resolutely modern staircase continues to the next floor. This juxtaposition of ancient and contemporary endows Villa Walbaum with unique style … Harmony of past splendour, history, and present-day comfort levels. Heritage lamps work side-by-side with contemporary designs; burnished wood, and the stone from Ruoms work are used as are zinc and steel…

The garden has been designed in harmony with the ‘artificial nature’ of countryside shaped by the hand of man and the ‘natural nature’ of the original woods and forest, in the vision of the ALEP landscape architects.

They have created an intimate, pleasing character that defines the territory between the home and the surrounding countryside. The garden is distinguished by its utter simplicity: flowerbeds, large terra cotta pots with lemon and orange trees, fig trees that emanate their sweet scent of summer holiday, lavender, and bamboo…

Rooms & Suites

Our eleven beautiful rooms and suites lie in the renovated manor house and the extension, exquisite decoration, contemporary design, fluid, poetic linesreached by two great staircases :
one historical, the other resolutely modern...

As day breaks, each of our rooms and suites reveals the spellbinding show of the natural beauty surrounding the home, unique to the climate and area of the Gorges de l’Ardèche…

Our terraces, decks, living rooms, wood flooring, fireplaces, historical light fixtures, terra cotta tiling and magnificent wooden doors are all part of the many assets that create this enchanting venue that makes your stay so special.

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